Companion Bible Appendix

 01.) The Structure of the Books of the Old Testament according to the Hebrew Canon
 02.) Genesis the Foundation of the Divine Revelation
 03.) Genesis finds its Complement in the Apocalypse
 04.) The Divine Names and Titles
 05.) Creation versus Evolution
 06.) Figures of Speech (Names and Definitions)
 07.) Italic Type in the Revised Version
 08.) The so-called "Creation Tablets"
 09.) The Usage of the Word Ruach (Spirit)
 10.) The Spiritual Significance of Numbers
 11.) The Use of the Word "Day" in Genesis 1
 12.) "The Stars also" (Gen. 1:16)
 13.) The Usage of the Word Nephesh (Soul)
 14.) The Synonymous Words used for "Man"
 15.) Laws before Sinai
 16.) The Occurrences of "Neshamah" (breath) (Gen. 2:7)
 17.) The Genitive Case
 18.) "In the Day" (Gen. 2:17)
 19.) The Serpent of Gen. 3
 20.) The Posterity of Cain
 21.) Enos: Gen. 4:26 ("calling on the Name of the Lord")
 22.) The Chronology of the Patriarchs (Antediluvian)
 23.) "The Sons of God" in Gen. 6:2, 4
 24.) The 120 Years of Gen. 6:3
 25.) The "Nephilim" of Gen. 6
 26.) Noah "perfect" (Gen. 6:9)
 27.) The Synonymous Words used for "Wine"
 28.) Nimrod (Gen. 10:8,9 1Chron. 1:10)
 29.) The Generations of Terah (including those of Isaac and Jacob)
 30.) The Massorah
 31.) The Fifteen Extraordinary Points of the Sopherim (Gen. 16:5)
 32.) The 134 Places where the Sopherim altered "Jehovah" to "Adonai" (Gen. 18:3)
 33.) The Eighteen Emendations of the Sopherim (Gen. 18:22)
 34.) The Readings called Severin
Sheol (Gen. 37:25)
 36.) "Thy Salvation" (Gen. 49:18)
 37.) The Pharaohs of Genesis and Exodus
 38.) "Leaven"
 39.) The Decalogue
 40.) The Tabernacle
 41.) The Cherubim
 42.) The Asherah
43.) The Offerings
 44.) The Synonymous Words for "Sin", "Trespass", "Iniquity", &c.
 45.) The Order and Groupings of the Twelve Tribes
 46.) Deuteronomy: References to the Book in New Testament
 47.) "The Book of the Law"
 48.) The Use of Various Types in the English Bible: A.V. and R.V.
 49.) "The Man of God" (Deut. 33:1)
 50.) Introduction to the Chronological Charts
 Summary of Principal Events. (50. VIII.)
 51.) Money and Coins; Weights and Measures
 52.) Proper Names: Their Pronunciation
 53.) The Sieges of Jerusalem
 54.) The Moabite Stone
 55.) The Dynasty of Omri
 56.) The Parallel Passages in the Historical Books
 57.) The Genealogy of the Persian Kings
 58.) A Harmony of the Ezra-Nehemiah History
 59.) The Twelve Gates of Jerusalem
 60.) The Name of Jehovah in the Book of Esther
 61.) Quotations from the Book of Job in the Bible
 62.) The Septuagint Ending for the Book of Job
 63.) The Book of Psalms. Miscellaneous Phenomena
 64.) "To the Chief Musician"
 65.) The Psalm Titles, and the Words employed in them
 66.) Hebrew Words in the Text of the Psalms. I. Higgaion. II. Selah
 67.) The Songs of the Degrees
 68.) Zion
 69.) Trust. Synonymous Words for "Trust" in the Old Testament
 70.) Psalm 15, and "The Sermon on the Mount"
 71.) "The Sufferings, and the Glory"
 72.) The Parenthesis of the Present Dispensation
 73.) The Ten Words of Psalm 119
 74.) The Book of Proverbs: Introduction and Analysis
 75.) Special Passages in the Book of Proverbs acquiring New Light
 76.) Supposed "later" Hebrew Words in Ecclesiastes
 77.) The Chronological Order of the Prophets
 78.) The Inter-relation of the Prophetic Books
 79.) Isaiah. The Evidences for One Authorship
 80.) Isaiah. Quotations and Allusions in the New Testament
 81.) The "Altar to Jehovah in the Land of Egypt" (Isa. 19:19)
 82.) The Formulae of Prophetic Utterance (illustrating Isa. 34 and 35)
 83.) Jeremiah. The Chronological Order of his Prophecies
 84.) The Septuagint Version of Jeremiah
 85.) Jeremiah. A Type of Messiah
 86.) "The Fourth Year of Jehoiakim" (Jer. 25:1) Being Supplementary to Ap. 50
 87.) "Pharaoh's House in Tahpanhes" (Jer. 43:9) With Illustrations
 88.) The Millennial "Sanctuary" and "Oblation" of Ezekiel 40-48 (with Diagram)
 89.) The Visions of Daniel (Chs. 7-12) are synchronous
 90.) The "Times" and numbered "Days" of Dan. 7:25; 8:14; 12:7, 11, 12 (with Diagram)
 91.) The "Seventy Weeks" of Dan. 9:24-27 (with Diagram)
 92.) The References to the Pentateuch by the Prophets
 93.) The Alleged "Corruptions" of the Hebrew Text (with Illustrations)
 94.) The Greek Text of the New Testament
 95.) The N.T. and the Order of its Books
 96.) The Diversity of the Four Gospels
 97.) The Unity of the Four Gospels
 98.) The Divine Names and Titles in the New Testament
 99.) The Two Genealogies of Matthew 1 and Luke 

appendix 100-198

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