Updated 5-20-2018

US Mideast envoy: Now is the time to redouble our efforts to reach peace deal

White House pushes ahead with Mideast peace plan

OIC final statement stresses Jerusalem is eternal capital of Palestine

Col. Kemp to UN Gaza session: "Hamas seeks destruction of Israel"

US considers international committee to manage Gaza, with Hamas' help

Muslim Nations Condemn Israeli 'Savage Crimes,' U.S. Embassy Move at Summit

I was at the Gaza border, we did all we could to avoid killing

Israel minimizes casualties, but Hamas uses human shields, envoy says

'We Die Anyway, So Let It Be in Front of the Cameras': Conversations With Gazans

US envoy to Israel: Evangelical Christians firmer Israel backers than many Jews

Syria and IS reach truce after south Damascus battles

Iran says can resume 20% enrichment if EU fails to retain nuclear deal

Saudi air defense forces intercept Houthi ballistic missile over Khamis Mushait

U.S. Is Trying to Kill Major Gas Deal Between Russia and Germany

Venezuela accuses US of sabotaging election with new sanctions

Mueller investigators questioned witnesses in Israel and seized computers, report says

Trump puts pressure on DOJ, FBI to release documents amid spying claims

Potential Spy Devices Which Track Cellphones, Intercept Calls Found All Over D.C., Md., Va.

How space travel can unite a fractured world

The Ebola superhighway: Why the new outbreak terrifies public health authorities

Hotel pools linked to many disease outbreaks

Rev. Graham Slams Episcopal Church on 'Marriage' Change: 'Caving to the Gay Agenda'

Santa Fe, unlike Parkland, says the issue behind the latest school shooting isn't guns

Texas Shooting Suspect Seems 'Weirdly Nonemotional,' Lawyer Says

More people have died in schools than military service members in 2018: report

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